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COVID-19 update

We understand that some children, young people and their parents will feel anxious and vulnerable at this time.    Northpoint’s aim is to continue to provide vital support and services to them throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.  As schools have re-opened to all pupils we are offering some face to face therapy and some therapy via phone or video link.  This will depend on the school and the child or young person and clinical need.  Face to face sessions will comply with DfE guidance to keep everyone as safe as possible. If you have any queries about this please contact

Emotional wellbeing for Children & Young People in Leeds

Help & advice for parents & carers

Children and young people grow and change fast.

And it’s normal for children and young people to experience strong emotions or to behave in ways which can be challenging, particularly as they approach adulthood. It’s part of growing up.

Sometimes, though, children and young people may need some extra help. Research suggests that one in four young people will need some additional help at some point during childhood, because their feelings and behaviour are affecting their development and wellbeing.

We’re all different, and how we cope with difficulties depends on our personality, our circumstances, and experience.

Some children and young people find it harder to deal with common anxieties and worries, including those arising from normal school pressures.

Sometimes challenging or painful life experiences mean children and young people struggle to understand and cope with how these experiences affect them.

Or families sometimes have relationship or communication problems that have developed over time, and which need a whole-family approach to resolve them.

What support is available?

There are services that provide support for families with children and young people experiencing emotional health problems.

Support can be accessed via speaking to:

  • staff at your local Children’s Centre
  • your child’s teacher or learning mentor at school
  • your GP
  • your social worker
  • health professionals

Or you can contact the Leeds City Council Duty & Advice Team (Early Help) on 0113 247 6830.

The person you ask will normally need to discuss your circumstances with a range of professionals to ensure your child receives the right type of support.

Urgent & emergency treatment

Very rarely a child or young person may need to be seen more quickly than usual because of worries about their immediate safety.

For example:

  • Serious self-harm
  • Attempted suicide or high risk of suicide
  • Severe restricted eating
  • Low Body Mass Index
  • Psychosis

In these situations the young person should visit their local GP or A&E department. Here their condition will be assessed and a referral made to Specialist NHS CAMHS if required. CAMHS prioritise individuals in these circumstances.

Other sources of support

Charities – Some charities in Leeds offer counselling and therapeutic support to children and young people. Some offer support to parents too. Some work through schools, but others are open to anyone who wishes to refer.

For more information, see

Private therapists – You may want to pay for therapy for a child or young person. Costs vary, but tend to be upwards of £45 for a single session. You can find details of private therapists on the website of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Self-help resources – Self-help resources for young people and parents/carers are available via the MindMate website

Support for parents & carers Often the emotional health of a child or young person can be improved by focusing on their parent(s) or carers, particularly if they themselves are struggling with life difficulties. Talking therapies are often available on the NHS; you can find out more from your GP or call the Leeds IAPT Service on 0113 843 4388.

About Northpoint Wellbeing’s school services

Northpoint Wellbeing (formerly Leeds Counselling) offers brief counselling interventions to pupils and/or their parents in many Leeds schools.

The counselling usually takes place on school premises for pupils referred with a variety of issues, including bereavement, family breakdown, past abuse, anger management problems, and difficulties at school.

Referrals to this service are through the school, so please talk to your child’s teacher or learning mentor in the first instance.

School staff wishing to learn more about our service can contact us on 0113 245 0303.

Our privacy notice is available here 

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